Spotted eagle ray

DeepBlueDiving (410)

Selfmade photo of the spotted eagle ray

Spotted eagle ray

Description: Small white spots or rings on dark blue to black disc-shaped body, white below. Rounded snout and square shaped head. Long whip-like tail with two to six spines at base.

Size: Disc width from 0.5 to over 2.3 m (1.6-7.5 ft).

Habitat, behaviour and biology: Occurs over reefs, along drop-offs, in bays, and open water, from the surface to at least 30 m (100 ft). Solitary and in small groups. Feeds in the sand on ishes, bivalves, snails, shrimp, octopi, and sea urchins. Ovoviviparous; one to four young per litter. Shy. Leaps from the water; reported to have landed in small boats and accidently injured occupants.